Fill Your Days With Positive Words


By Pastor Silas Imenwanmhin

Scripture: Numbers 14:28
“Say unto them, as truly as I live, saith the Lord, as ye have spoken in my ears, so will I do for you:”

Jesus speaking in John 6:63, it’s the spirit that quickens, the words I speak the are spirit and they are life.

Words can create and can also destroy. The world was framed by the Word of God. Hebrew 11:3
The world we see and live in is formed and created by words.
What you say is what you become. We end up many times as our words.
Life and death lies in the tongue Proverbs 18:21. The tongue can determine the directions of your life this year, use it wisely.

Say to them as they have spoken in my ears, so will I do for them. God will not bypass your word to help you, He will go through your words. That is why every of your word must align with God’s Word, declare His Words into your world. What you say can ultimately influence your day, your weeks and your months this year. Don’t speak the situation declare the solution. Don’t utter the problem, speak God Word.

Words are products of our thoughts, it’s out of the abundance of our heart that will speak. Luke 6:45. Fill your mind with God Word and your mouth will speak of it, fill your thought with God Word and you will certainly express it in your actions.

Declare the positive not the negative, Joel 3:10, “Let the weak say am strong.” Let them say, in your worst state declare strength, in your dark moment declare light, let your words look like your future not your trouble, fill each day of this year with positive words, say it as you desire it, not as it is, wake up every morning and fill your day with positivity. Anywhere you go, declare God’s word, this year your confessions shall be your reality. I see it all working for your good.


I declare, today, my words are creating better days for me this year, I see great light rising in the midst of darkness, my positive words are becoming my possessions, I declare God Words and it’s all working for my good, My day is blessed.
Pastor Silas Imenwanmhin is a dynamic man of God and a man of the Spirit, who started preaching at the age of 7. His passion to reach out to many with a message of hope has taken him round the world, preaching and teaching the Word with great signs and wonders. He is presently with Omega Fire Ministries, Los Angeles, where is is currently serving faithfully as a branch pastor in Los Angeles. He is married to Pastor Janet Imenwanmhin.


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